This online education related website is for the sake of those who are interested in computer science. Topics ranging from algorithms and data structures to artificial intelligence and neural networks. You can find several articles in the blog section or you can have courses if you prefer video content. Presented in high quality, the video courses provide a clear way to learn the most up-to-date technologies concerning the IT industry. To increase retention and provide an intuitive learning experience, Global Software Support formats the training in easy to follow step-by-step lessons that build into a comprehensive learning resource. This allows even the most complex topics to be quickly mastered no matter what the user’s prior skill level. Hope you will like it!

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If you are interested in Java programming, these ‘Generics in Java’ and ‘First Steps in Java’ courses  may be a good a start or a good refresher!

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Conway’s life game simulation in Java! Check it out!


Introduction to Java programming language! Check it out!


Introduction to numerical methods in Java! Check it out!


SOLID principles and Design Patterns in Java! Check it out!


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“Very informative and well organized course. Learning a lot of things. Explained everything nicely. I recommend anybody to take the course to learn neural networks”

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